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Our housing promises

The Stichting Normering Flexwonen Foundation is an organization who looks after accommodation provided by companies especially to and for foreign workers. We as an organization comply with the standards set by SNF.

Stichting Normering Flexwonen manages the register of organisations that meet the housing standard for labour migrants and enforces this standard at the same time. Organisations that offer housing to labour migrants have the possibility to obtain the SNF certificate. To do so, they must meet the housing standard for labour migrants. Housing locations of organisations that register with the foundation are checked annually. If the quality of the housing proves to be insufficient, the company must improve it. If the organisation does not manage to rectify the situation in the short term, the company is removed from the SNF register.

The aim is to give parties involved in the housing of labour migrants – municipalities, employers, employees, local residents – certainty that the quality of their housing options for the labour migrants is adequate.

Every year these organisations undergo an administrative inspection to check whether all locations have been registered with SNF and whether the requirements of good employment practices and supervision and management have been met. During the year, all locations for which the organisation itself is responsible (First Responsible) are inspected for compliance with all SNF standards. The standard includes the components space and privacy, sanitary facilities, safety and hygiene, facilities, information provision, fire safety, supervision and management. Each part consists of a number of specific requirements that the accommodation must meet.

The Standard

The standard includes the components occupancy, space, daylight and heating, sanitation, hygiene, facilities, safety, fire safety, maintenance and management, supervision and management and information facilities and other requirements.

Each category consists of a number of specific requirements that the property must fulfil.

Below you can find an overview of the most important standards:


This is what your living space will look like:

The apartments always feature a living and dining room, fitted with comfortable seating and a cosy dining area, as well as a TV. The kitchens are basic but functional, they include a microwave and usually more than one refrigerator.

Apartments usually have three to four bedrooms, one of which sports a double bed, one bedroom with two single beds and one bedroom with a single bed. There will also be one or more bathrooms available, featuring a shower and wash basin. The toilet is separate and in some cases, there is a covered terrace for you to use.